Simon Jeanne

Simon Jeanne

Biography of Jeanne Simon

To Picasso's words "the meaning of life is to find your gift, the goal of life is to give it to others" I would add "passion gives us the audacity to take the tangent".
Thus can be defined the Belgian painter that I am today after having traveled a long way in order to find my way.
I'm a storyteller. For over thirty years, I have been talking about law and finance to future graduates.
It is useful but without possible sharing of the imagination which for me is a vital need.
Literary by training, I then wrote several novels that did not give me the expected happiness both in creating them and in post-production.
The memories of my childhood came back to me. My mother shared with me her gifts as a painter and stylist.
I needed an answer to my question: for all these years, had happiness been "within reach of brushes"?
I try. The test was successful. Painting makes me free and happy.
An observation also, overnight, you cannot improvise as a painter.
For more than ten years, the teacher became a student again. I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in my city and various private workshops, went through exhibitions as a diligent observer, followed online courses, explored books on the subject.
Since July 2018, I have taken the liberty of leaving anonymity and I have started exhibiting. First in Cannes then in Brussels at Heysel. Then in Paris at the Carrousel and at the Thuillier gallery.
In my current pictorial approach, I appropriate the words of Nietzsche:
"Everything that weighs must lighten up, every body become a dancer, every bird spirit"
The bodies of the dancers fascinate me in all their expressiveness as they emphasize the postures that link each man to his emotions.
Suspended in a dreamlike universe, the bodies let themselves be carried by the force of the line, the color and the material.

Last Exhibitions

- July 2018: Palais des festivals et des Congrès de Cannes;
- November 2018: Brussels Expo - Brussels
- May 2019: Carroussel du Louvre - Paris
- October 2019: Thuillier gallery - Paris
- November and December 2019: Art Gallery - Rome

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