Pala Saverio Fabio

Pala Saverio Fabio

Biography of Saverio Fabio Pala

My name is Saverio Pala, I was born in Oristano, Sardinia on 17th may 1966 where I'm still live and work.
Upon graduation from compulsory school I graduated at the Liceo Classico "De Castro" of Oristano.
Then I tried to study at the university but I left after a brief experience for incompability with studied subjects.
After this formative experiences I realized that art in all many forms attracted me, so I strarted to follow this passion.
First with music, then drawing and painting are become my real, deep interest.

In the meantime I worked at the postal office, but I decided to leave my work after 25 years, to concentrate myself in the my unique passion: to paint.

I had my first encounter with art when I was 5, with the drawing.
I define myself self-taught because I never attended any school of drawing or painting.
I decided  to dedicate myself seriously to the study of painting at 20 years, and from there I started to take part in numerous group exhibitions in Sardinia.
I did about seven solo exhibitions, in which the main theme is the landscape painted by oil and watercolor.
I am experimenting the latter technique from about 3 years.

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