Nunziata Mary

Nunziata Mary

Biography of Mary Nunziata in arte Wariasun

Maria Assunta Nunziata was born in Udine, where she works as a teacher in the secondary schools.
She writes poems that has always used combined with paintings and digital images produced over the years.
An artistic journey began in Naples in the 90's where she took his first artistic steps exploring various techniques: a mix of oil painting and photography.
In these last years she experienced new technologies of digital manipulation using advanced filters; the final works are all printed on canvas.
All this has helped to define the current artistic style of Wariasun (art name).

Group and Solo Exhibitions

In 2012 group exhibitions in Venice "pass over" at Gallery Forme d'arte-the international exhibition "Intense emotions of Colours" at the Grachten Gallery Utrecht Holland, "Venetian feelings contemporary art" in Shanghai China Bund at Art, "Back from China "at Web Art Gallery Barchessa Treviso.
Nel 2013 group exhibition “SKIES (nel blu dipinto di blu)” at Latino Art Museum a Los Angeles USA
- 2014 group exhibition “ EGOS VI” at Royal Opera Arcade Gallery a Londra.
- 2016 group exhibition“EGOS XI” at Sale del Bramante a Roma Italy.
- 2017 solo exhibition “The light of Universe” at La taverna degli artisti – Montevarchi – Arezzo
- 2018 Roma - collective exhibition “I Miei Colori 2” at Art Poocket Studio -
- 2018 Milano collective exhibition “Art is Now 2” Antiquum Oratorium passionis Basilica di S. Ambrogio
- 2019 Contemporary Art talent show - Genova
- 2019 International ARTEXPO - Milano - Annuario internazionale d'arte contemporanea -  MONDADORI - Artisti 2019
- 2019 Parigi - Artexpo Parigi at Galleria Thuillier

Prizes - certificate - Expertise

- 2018 Certificate for artistic merits and inclusion in the histori cal Art Archive of Padova by the Maison D’Art Academic center.
- 2019 Expertise for artistic merits by Paolo Levi.
- 2019 Rewarded with MICHELANGELO International Prize by Art Now at Palazzo Brancacci Roma
- 2019 Reward with International Prize “Art Ambassador” Instanbul/Shangai/Pechino/Tokyo by Spoletoarte (Antonietta Di Vizia, Josè Dalì, Salvo Nugnes, Roberto Villa).
Some digital works are visible online on the following web pages:

She also loves photography and poetry

Critical review of Paolo Levi
Communication ability that surpasses the visual boundaries and gives life to harmonious creations bearers of universal messages. An art that reveals the artist's creativity and the intimate impulses of his soul

Critical review of Lucilla Trapazzo
Mary Nunziata in art WariaSun - a painting, a poem, a photo from the plural one. It is from the composite weaving of the different artistic languages that the poetic synthesis germinates in the works of WariaSun. As in a sort of intimate diary, the artist writes poetry, collects photographic images and then reworks everything with a clever fusion of digital manipulation and pictorial art. His works are not the sum of the parts, but living matters, a personal and harmonious and balanced microcosm.

Critical review of Leonarda Zappulla
The glow of light pierces the darkness of the galaxy, emanating energy that propagates to the observer: the vortex that articulates from the center of the frame to its edges is rendered with masterly expertise by Mary Nunziata who orchestrates various chromatic intensities with flows of chromatic reflection of blue. We are attracted by a mysterious centripetal force towards an emotional fulcrum that directly relies on the human soul. Behind this aniconic composition there are hidden memories and meditations of the artist, who manages to transpose to her observer her soul.

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