Naldzhieva Snezhana

Naldzhieva Snezhana

Biography of Snezhana Naldzhieva

My name is Snezhana Naldzhieva. I was in born in the town of  Lukovit - Bulgaria. I live and create in Sofia.
I have been painting all my life. Probably since the day I was able to hold a pencil in my hand.
Although I had moments of artist's block due to some hard times in life, today I am painting again.
And so, painting has become my hobby, it has turned into something that gives me strength in times of hardship, it invigorates me, distracts me or just cheers me up.
I do mostly painting and graphics and experiment with various styles, techniques and ideas.
My favorite subjects include the sea, villages, mountains, nature as a whole, rain, and light and water are a major element of my works.
Through my paintings I reveal the world around me but I also invest the whole energy which I derive from the artist within.
I have participated in exhibitions in my country and abroad where I have contributed landscapes, portraits, still lifes and figural compositions

Participations in exhibitions:
Joint exhibition in the town of Lukovit - 1982
Joint exhibition in the town of Petrich - 1996
Joint exhibition in the The National Palace of Culture - Sofia -1997,
International Painting Exhibition “Artexpo Summer Rome 2018“ Italy – 2018
International Fair of Contemporary Art „Аrt Thessaloniki“, Thessaloniki, Greece-2018
International Contemporary Vanguard Contest, Moscow, Russia- second place with the painting "Bulgarian village"-2018
All-Russian Exhibition-Contest of Contemporary Classical Art "Talent of Russia" Moscow, Russia-2018

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