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Moore Joy

Biography of Joy Moore

I am an english painter and have been  living in northern Italy since 2006. I studied fine art at Bristol and Birmingham Art Colleges, graduating in 1978. I ran a dual career in London for 25 years as a practicing painter and a manager of environmental projects in Westminster. While living in England I exhibited in galleries in London and the north of England and participated in a number of art fairs in London including the early Freize and Affordable Art Fairs and as a guest artist in Rotterdam Art Fair. After moving to Italy I began painting full time. I exhibit and sell my work in Europe and in America - the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and Los Angeles, Tennessee, and New York.

Dame Louisa Ryland Scholarship - Birmingham Art School 1978
Artist of the Month - Italian Riviera magazine 2016
MiTT, Torino Gallery Calendar competition 2016
My Work was selected by the London Resident magazine to publicise the Flux Art Fair in London April 2018

Artist Statement
My work is about my response to the colour, space, light and energy in the landscape. I am inspired by the dominance of nature over man and the continual cycle of life that nature drives.
In recent years I have focussed on the development of what I call my “flowerscapes”
Having always been fascinated by flowers, as a painter I was presented with a conundrum: I did not want to paint botanical pictures of flowers but as with my landscapes I want to convey the energy and colour of both wild and cultivated flowers and the emotions they evoke. It has taken me some time and hard work to attain the free expression now visible in my imagery of flowers (and trees in fact).  Why do I call these images “flowerscapes”? It seems natural to me that if we describe our view of the land as landscapes that I should call my views of flowers flowerscapes.
I live in a beautiful landscape in the foothills of the Alps which provides ample subject matter, but I also like to travel frequently to experience different landscapes.
I work in my studio from sketches and photographs taken in the landscape. I usually work up larger drawings from my sketches then start paintings with acrylic washes often moving on to oil at some stage. I like to explore the quality of paint, often scraping paint off the canvas revealing subtle textures and colours beneath.  My long term influence is the english romantic landscape school - Constable, Turner. Contemporary influences are  Norman Ackroyd and David Tress.
I am represented by:  Evvivanoe Gallery, Turin: Adellinda Allegretti, Rome: Paola Trevisan, Bologna: Tig Gallery, Scotland.
and on line by

Principle exhibitions from  2008
2019 Hope Gallery, Yorkshire, England. Galleria Senesi, Savigliano, Italy. Il Castello, Monastero Bormida,  Italy
2018 TIG Gallery Scotland.  Art Innsbruck, Arte Genova, GolfArt Turin, Flux Art Fair London. Brighton Festival. Granville, France, Parallax Art Fair, London
2017 Evvivanoe Gallery Turin. TIG Gallery Scotland
2016  MITT Gallery, Turin. Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome. Affordable Art Fair, Milan represented by  Galeria Gaudi, Madrid, thence exhibited in Madrid
2015 Ada Art Gallery, Barcelona, Evvivanoè, Gallery Cherasco, Italy. Palazzo Jacopo, Varazze, Italy. NEXT Gallery , Piacenza Italy, Marziart Internazionale Art Gallery. Hamburg
2014 UCI Cinemas Turin. Sigtuna Kulturgaard, Sweden. Chiesa di Santa Maria, Gubbio, Perugia.
2013 Parallex Art Fair, London. Latino Art Museum, Los Angeles. Esposizione d'Arte Internazionale di Vico del Gargano, Puglia. Marchesi Gallery, Bologna. Torino Art Gallery, Turin
2012 Broadway Gallery New York. Marchesi Gallery, Bologna. Esposizione d'Arte Internazionale di Vico del Gargano, Puglia,
2011 Marchesi Gallery, Bologna. Torino Art Gallery, Turin
2010 Atahotel, Varese, Milan, Galleria Piemonte Artistico Culturale, Turin.
2010 Comune di Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany. SMART Art Fair, Aix en Provence.
2010 Evvivanoè Gallery, Cherasco, Italy.
2009 Confraternita degli Artisti Gallery, Turin. Castello Garlenda, Savona.
2009  Artanda Gallery , Acqui Terme
2008 Birth Place of the Italian Author Cesare Pavese, Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy.
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