Merzinger-Pleban Renate

Merzinger-Pleban Renate

Biography of Renate Merzinger-Pleban

Academic painter and graphic artist:
Born in Vienna (Austria), married, two adult daughters, lives and works in Pressbaum near Vienna.

"University of Applied Arts" (Vienna)

Member of:
 "IG Bildende Kunst" (Vienna)
"Landesverband der NÖ-Kunstvereine" (Lower Austria)
"Kulturvernetzung NÖ" (Lower Austria)

Founder Member of:
"Verein für Kunst und Kultur" (Lower Austria)

12 years freelancer in:
"Portfolio Kunst AG" (Vienna)
"Artware AG" (Vienna)

Exhibitions among others:
"Metropole Museum", Tokyo (Japan);
"Documentation Center of Modern Art" (solo exhibition), St. Pölten (Lower Austria);
"IG Bildende Kunst", Vienna (Austria);
"Artoteque" - work on display (mini solo exhibition);
"Verein für Kunst und Kultur" (solo exhibition), Eichgraben (Lower Austria);
"Portfolio Kunst AG" (solo exhibition), Vienna (Austria);

"Marziart - Internat. Gallery" (mini solo exhibition), Hamburg (Germany);
"Artoteque" - work on display (mini solo exhibition);
"IG Bildende Kunst", Vienna (Austria);
"Fassbender Bewerb - pencil drawings", Brühl (Germany);
"Kunstraum Super", Vienna (Austria);

"ArtExpo April Rome", Galleria Domus Romana, Rome (Italy);
"Stadtgalerie Purkersdorf" (solo exhibition), city near Vienna (Austria);
"Fassbender Bewerb - pencil drawings", Brühl (Germany);
"ArtExpo Autumn Rome", Galleria Domus Romana, Rome (Italy);

"Biennale Internazionale Peschiera del Garda", Caserma dell´Artiglieria, Peschiera (Italy)
"2nd Bienal de Arte Barcelona", MEAM Museum, Gomis Palace, Barcelona (Spain)
"International Award Francisco Goya", Gran Teatro del Liceu, Barcelona (Spain)
"Art in Lisbon 2017", Atelier Natália Gromicho Art Gallery, Lisbon (Portugal)
"International Award Caravaggio", Bramante Palace, Rome (Italy);
Teatro dal Verme, Milano (I) "International Milan Art Award", Special Prize: New International Artistic Realities;
InArte Werkkunst-Galerie, Berlin (D) "Segnalati Berlin";
Diocesan Museum F. Gonzaga, Mantua (I) "International Biennial of Contempor;

Web Site:

Statement to my work:
Lines and strokes by pencil or brush produce form, space, motion.
They give clear significance by strength and colour and equally by letting blank the paper.
Every stimulation comes from outside. As an answer to this drawings and paintings create the world outside new.
It´s a matter of argueing with the world around me. I have to find my position and – possibly – get echo.
In my work I reduce nature to landscape. So it becomes concrete, (maybe harmless?) and a place of desire, where emotion and thought may find a place to stay a while.
Landscape is everywhere, there doesn´t exist no landscape. You only may fade it in favour to something subjectively important and interesting.
For me landscape is a synonym for nature and nature a synonym for indifference.
Since ever nature makes me feel committed/abandoned because of it´s capriciousness and fascinated because of it´s beauty.
Concerning the approach to humans there is a diversity of sensual and intellectual possibilities at my disposal.
So I don´t "need" the medium of artistic creation. Therefore humans seldom are topic in my work.
Face to face with nature for me there only remains the possibility of representation of my highly personal sight of landscapes - always without contradiction: nature doesn´t reply.
I put myself against this indifference, make lines and strokes, drawing I leave traces, prefering dark ones on a light base (paper), but also coloured ones.

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