Kleij-Van Den Boomen Tineke

Kleij-Van Den Boomen Tineke

Biography of Tineke Kleij-Van Den Boomen

“Simplicity is the hallmark of truth”, Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and poet (1844-1900)
Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen. Is living and working as an artist in Sint Oedenrode, a village in the south of the Netherlands. She is autodidact.
The German art historian and writer Helmut Orpel characterizes Tineke’s work as follows:
“Much of her work displays the dissolution of shape. The original shape can barely be distinguished, yet it can be recognized. The distinctions between shape and space, between fantasy and reality are still there, but are put into perspective by their dissolving shape.”
Tineke herself describes her work as colorful and intuitive art, exceptional and certainly unique, as it is created from the heart and from a life that is being lived. She says: “Painting has shaped the simplicity of my life and is a way for me to communicate, so I am able to express what cannot be said with words.” In my paintings, you will find the person who I am. I call my paintings my “self-portraits”.”
Tineke’s work has been displayed at various exhibitions both here and abroad and is included in a number of art guides both nationally as internationally.
Having endured cancer, Tineke allowed herself to become a child again, so she could put her true feelings into her life and her work. She does not want to conform to any art rules in any way. She allows herself the freedom to do what she wants to do, without being restricted by any rules whatsoever.
Even though Tineke has come to regard cancer as a passing phase, the “bumps” of a life that is being lived remain, as that is what living intrinsically means. Being sick has given her the opportunity to grow further.
She hopes you are able to enjoy her paintings.


Exhibitions 2005 - till now

2005 / 2006. Restaurant Steakhouse Hier Ist, Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2005. Library Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2005. GP Practice Aarle-Rixtel,  The Netherlands.
2006. ‘t Oude Raadhuis, Beek en Donk, The Netherlands.
2006. Library Bladel, The Netherlands.
2007. ‘t Oude Kerkje, Middelbeers, The Netherlands.
2008. Mariëndael, Cultureel Educatief Centrum, Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2008. Kunstmesse Salzburg, Austria.
2009. Zorg- en verpleegcentrum Welstaete / Odendael, Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2009. Zalen- en Bestuurscentrum Het Bastion, Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2009. Dutch Art en Design Salon (DADS) 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2009. Hippe Tuin.nl. Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2009. Kunst in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
2009/2010. Galerie Bohner te Mannheim, Germany.
2009/2010. Color Beach on the beach of Rugen/Prora, Germany.
2010. Webexhibition op de website van Beroepsvereniging voor Beeldende Kunstenaars, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2010. “3ème Salon Européen dárts plastiques au Beffroi de Brugge“, Belgium.
2010. “Art for Walls” –the Lennox Gallery / London. Organised by Galeria Zero, Barcelona, Spain.
2010. Autumn in GaleriaZero, Spain.
2010. Met Galerie Böhner naar de 10e editie van Kunst en Living in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
2011. Individual exhibition in GaleriaZero, Barcelona, Spain.
2011. ZomerExpo in ’s-Hertogenbosch in het Stedelijk Museum, The Netherlands.
2011. Regionale Kunstdag in het Holiday Inn Hotel te Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2011. Exhibition “100-Tage-Kunst, Ballhaus”Kaiserswerther Straβe 390, 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany.
2011. Atelierroute Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands.
2011. Exhibition in het WTC Schiphol Art Center, The Netherlands.
2011. Aanwas van de BBK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2011/2012. Virtual Gallery in the internet from the exhibition “100-Tage-Kunst at the “Frauenmuseum” in Bonn, Germany.
2012. Kunst in Weert, The Netherlands.
2012. Art Assen – TT Hall Assen, The Netherlands.
2013. The Nomadic Project, America.
2013. Kunst in Rooi, The Netherlands.
2013. Congress Innsbruck, Rennweg 3, A 6021 Innsbrück, Tirol, Austria.
2013. Art Assen – TT Hall Assen, The Netherlands.
2013/2014. Exhibition in Hotel Hilton Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria.
2014. Exhibition in Hotel Hilton Munich City, Munich, Germany.
2014. Exhibition “Pop Art 2000 – 2014″ in Galerie Grang De Paul, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2014. Art Assen – TT Hall Assen, The Netherlands.
2015. “Portret van puurheid en emotie”, Galerie Kubra, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2015. “Verschil mag er zijn”, ’t Oude Raadhuis, Beek en Donk, The Netherlands.
2015. Hotel De Molenhoek - Van der Valk, Rijksweg 1, Molenhoek, The Netherlands.
2015. "Het Galgenmaal", Galerie Grang de Paul Art, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2015. In recognition of Malala Yousafsai, Stockholms Län, Sweden.
2015. “Hartverwarmend”, Kunst op locatie, Gemert, The Netherlands
2016. In recognition of Malala Yousafsai, Maria Kyrkan, Skogåstorget 10, 14230 Skogås Huddinge, Sweden.
2016. KuBraArt, Schilderstraat 33, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.
2016. Transfer - The Hungarian National Museum - Esztergom Castle, Museum Rondella Gallery, Szent István Tér 1, 2500 Esztergom, Hongarije.
2016. Kleurrijk - Achelse Kluis, De Kluis 1, Hamond-Achel, België
2016. ExHibition in Villa Blijenburg te Vught, The Netherlands
2016. FAF. Flex Art Fair in Het Kruithuis te ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2017. Jubileumexpositie in 't Oude Raadhuis te Beek en Donk, The Netherlands
2017. Art Groningen, The Netherlands
2018. Boo ! Just Art, Deurne, The Netherlands