Ippolito Piero

Ippolito Piero

Biography of Piero Ippolito

Born in Massa - Carrara on September 12, 1966, as a child I manifested a certain predisposition for the art that then led me to enroll at the Istituto Statale d'Arte Felice Palma di Massa (MS) where I attended the Architecture section. I graduated Master of Arts in 1985.
The following year I joined the faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence and at the same time I worked as a fashion designer at the company Montanelli SPA with headquarters in Massa, a job that only lasted a year because my vocation towards Architecture has taken over.
In the following years I attended the faculty 'of commuting architecture alternating at the same time collaborations with several architectural firms, working as a salesman in several clothing stores.
During this period I continued to cultivate my passion for figurative art, mainly drawing and oil painting, I graduated in 1995 with a thesis on the marble quarries of Carrara.
Immediately after graduation I worked with a prestigious architecture firm of Forte dei Marmi at the Atelier Tiziano Lera, where I had the opportunity to try my hand with all the various facets of architecture, going from architectural design to interior design, design, fusions in bronze, setting up bars, restaurants, fashion shops, jewelers, industrial establishments, beach resorts etc ...
Having passed the qualification examination after 6 months after graduation, I opened my professional studio in Massa, continuing as a freelancer on the same path I took at the Atelier dell'Architetto Lera.
I designed the construction of several executive and residential centers, clothing stores, bars, villas and swimming pools, also dedicating myself to landscape design, operating in Tuscany as well as in neighboring regions, such as Emilia and Liguria and I participated in several competitions design and architecture.
Lately I'm dedicating much more to those that together with the Architecture are my greatest passions, but that due to free time available I had abandoned, painting and drawing, trying to experience the fusion between manual techniques and the digital one.
The favorite object of my research, being a keen swimmer in a seaside town, is the empathic relationship with the liquid matter that surrounds you and of which you become a part when you swim, the thoughts slow down, the sounds change and the colors reverberate with fantastic tonality.

anno 2004 :ARCA, rivista di arte , culture e attualita' dell'Africa Agora' edizioni Progetto di un centro polifunzionale, la Maison d'Italie, Brazzaville Congo
anno 2007 : CASABELLA n° 755 ,rivista di architettura Centro Direzionale Olidor a Massa
anno 2009 : rivista RISTRUTTURARE con casa chic n°11 Villa monofamiliare a Carrara
anno 2009 : rivista RISTRUTTURARE n°12 Appartamento nel centro storico di Pietrasanta ,Lucca
anno 2013 : rivista LIVING TUSCANY n° 49 Appartamento nel centro storico di Pietrasanta ,Lucca
anno 2017 :rivista GARDENIA numero di Luglio Villa con piscina a Zoagli ,Genova

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