Hopkins Gary

Hopkins Gary

Biography of Gary Hopkins

I was born in the deserts of Arizona in 1948, but moved to Oregon very soon thereafter, where I have lived most of my adult life.
I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in 1970 then served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps.
Upon returning from the Peace Corps I returned to university where I received a degree in computer programming and then spent nearly 40 years as a computer programmer where I worked for various governmental, and corporate businesses.
This allowed me to pursue my artistic interests without the necessity of trying to make a living as an artist.
After painting for over 50 years, and at the insistence of family and friends I decided share my work with the world by joining a variety of artistic forums, creating my own website, posting on Instagram ( @gxhpainter) and entering calls for National and International exhibitions and art festivals that accepted digital paintings as a genre.
As a self-educated artist I have painted since early childhood using traditional media, primarily watercolors but also worked in Oils, Acrylics, Egg Tempera and Gouache before switching to digital painting about 15 years ago.
I love reading and have studied a wide variety of artist’s works with my favorites being Wassily Kandinsky, Juan Miro, Richard Diebenkorn, Stuart Davis, David Hockney and Milton Avery.
I have tried to build upon what I have learned from studies of these masters and expand that knowledge into my own language of painting and color, emphasizing both the science and poetry of creative expression.
Jazz and Classical music have always provided a guiding spirit to my work, as I use color to excite the eye and move the spirit of those who see my work.
I love to share the mystery of image making and the relation of form and colors that emerge from the unknown into being via the hand of the artist.
Based on my experiences using traditional media, my digital paintings are built on use of complex textures, and painterly edges that follow traditional rules of composition, color theory, and tonal balance.   
I love the bright flat colors of digital prints and use digital techniques to imply a depth of field not based on perspective but contrast and color balance.
Technically I primarily use two software programs to create my digital paintings, Photoshop and ArtRage.
I use a Wacom tablet with these programs and a large collection of “brushes” to emulate the effect of chalk, ink, oils, gouache and watercolors.
My work is printed by WhiteWall of Germany to provide archival and professional quality to each work.
The artwork is presented by printing on Fuji Crystal DP II photographic paper then mounted to an Alu-DiBond substrate for durability then laminated with a matte finish and finished with a white or black art box frame.
My works are in private collections in Australia, Germany, France, Italy and the US, but I have really just begun to “emerge” into the professional art world.

Featured Artist by ARTRAGE - https://www.artrage.com/artist-feature-gary-hopkins/   2016
"Shades of Green" Gallery 25N Exhibit Online New York Online Exhibit – Open 07/07/ 2017.
"35th Annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts" - September 2017
"CCAN2017"   Center for Contemporary Arts National Juried Competition - November 2017
"ARTAVITA 25th Annual Online Contest"   for Art Expo New York - November 2017

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