Grunwerth Gerald

Grunwerth Gerald

Biography of Gerald Grünwerth

Born on September 21st, 1961 in Villach; Carinthia.
Deputy Chairman of the artist’s group Vienna Travelgallery.
Artist of the Marchfeld Gallery in Lower Austria.
Artist of the IG visual Artist in Vienna.

My attention turns  allways to the human figure and the charisma of the human body
Trough images of everydays life impression my thoughts bring this perception from time to time in my head to a picture and then I feel compelled to bring this image on the canvas.
I reach for concrete motives to blur and to deform them afterwards. The concrete form turns into a secret message while looking on the out of focus contours.
With these picture-world I shake on the mind-treasure of the people memories. The aim is to be appealed 3E (emotions, empathy, experience). The inside and concealed mystery of the paintings are to be exposed.
In the works find figurative and color touch surfaces together and that show that the reality is not as consistent as our expectations.
Sometimes the painting just continious somewhere else further and then the work plays more and more with the contingencies.
National and international solo and group exhibitions in
Austria, Italy, Hungary, German, New York and Finnland

Solo Exhibitions
2015 Metropolitain Art Fair
2014 Life competitive painting; Café LEOPOLD -Museumsquartier
2015/2014 Exhibition Gallery KoKo Vienna
2014 Life competetive painting -Café Leopold im Museumsquartier
2013 Exhibition ViennaTRAVELGALLERY
2013 ART VIEW 2. Kunst&Kulturmesse Wien in den Blumengärten Hirschstetten
2014,2013 Exhibition  ART Hotel Vienna
2011 Gallery/ Artroom MERIKON  Vienna  Palais Esterházy
2009 Cultural spring Gänserndorf
2005 Art fair of Salzburg  represent by gallery Böhner (GER)

Art Auction

mit Auktionator Otto Hans Ressler (Direktor Auktionshaus Kinsky)

Group Exhibitions
Galerie KERTESZ 29 in Budapest
Kulturpavillon MÜNCHEN (Tatort Kunst)
Wiener HOFBURG (19. Wiener Kulturfrühstück beim Alt Wiener Bund)
Alte Schieberkammer in Wien
CAW ( Galerie in
Exhibition Saint Leopold peace prize in the castle Stift Klosterneuburg (final removal
Army-historical museum in VIENNA (itinerant exhibition 200 years Napoleon)Work presentation - Mannheim (GER)
Gallery 24 (Brooklyn/NEW YORK (USA) Frontstreet 111)
[galerie]studio38 (NINEELEVEN im Kunstraum „Ewigkeitsgasse“ in Wien und „SMILE.KOERPER.WARE.SCAN“ der gläserne Mensch)

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