Biography of Enyor

He was born on 12.8.1954 in the city of Přerov in Czechoslovakia.
Since childhood he has dedicated himself to painting with a special passion. At the age of fifteen he began to paint in oil, a technique he would never leave.
In Czechoslovakia under the communist regime it was almost impossible to exhibit the artworks, so he participates in exhibitions only after the change of the political system in 1989.
Take part in two major exhibitions in the city of Olomouc, an important historical city of Moravia in the Czech Republic. The first exhibition in 2006 at the Caesar Gallery, one of the best art galleries in the Czech Republic for program and quality of the works exhibited. The second exhibition in 2014 at the Olomouc Gallery, an important art gallery in the same city.
In 2003 he also exhibited at the Europa Forum, in Munich in Germany.
He participates in various national solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and international ones in Germany.
His artworks have been praised by a well-known Czech critic and collector Dr. Arsén Pohribný, who also bought some of his artworks for his private collection.
Now he dedicates himself to his painting with a deep passion, making a wise use of bright colors, with figurative motifs, and also working in a series of female nude, with his own new and unexpected artistic point of view.

Critical review of Prof. Dr. Arsén Pohribný, art critic and collector
It seems that in some personalities, there are forces pulsing, capable to blow into fantastic distances of millions of light years and yet remain on Earth.
On the mean and damnable Earth, on the Earth of foolish desires and vain expectations, seducing and moving us.
Light is one of those forces, composed from miraculous rosace of colours.
“It is winter now,” says artist,” and colours are appearing somewhere inside man and he is able to see them outside only if he has them in him.”
And it is just him who discovered a planet of colourful wanderings, his second world that he can invoke by painting thanks to his imagination and a rare dramatic temper.
It has hardly anything in common with the refuges of an arcadic idyll.
They emanate from symbolic configurations, from their gemstone drift and they are born by surges of anthroposophic oceans or hiding among coral reefs of dreams.
“The phenomenon of dream always personally fascinates me,” says artist. “It is the position of dream which fits with my creation.
I am not interested in objects that I can see in a dream, but rather in the sensation which is behind them.
And in expressing it in colour! You forget the plot of dream, but a sensation for which there are no words remain.
A moment resembling this sensation arises only in the level of imagination. And colour is able to express such contiguity.”
The play with message of the planetary colouring is, in fact, a dialogue with the painting.
“I start it like a kind of battle, not knowing how it will fall out. It is a matter of intuition.
Only sometimes, I have a certain idea..., but an element of something unimaginable, imperceptible always creeps in.”
–Colour events are forming, suggesting the unity of universe.
A great revelation of generative spontaneity is growing by superposition of contrast colour forms and contact representations.
The preserve of Eros volcanically explodes, colour cascades are spilling over the threshold of consciousness.
The mixture of the sensual and the imaginative, the more of the unspeakable it swallows, the more it is raving in puzzles, while heading to the depths of colour secrets.
–The dialogue with the painting is taking on the organ polyphony. An inebriant, liberating delight is blending with a threatening signification.
Are current threats and anxieties encrypted here? Moreover, in a language of colours escaping our comprehension...

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