Papakiriakou Damon

Papakiriakou Damon

Biography of Damon Papakiriakou

Damon Papakiriakou was born in Athens . He moved to Denmark at the age of 19 where he continued his studies at classical music. At the same time he had art lessons in the city of Aalborg where he lived, at kunst skole. He stayed in Denmark for 13 years during which he had 12 solo and 3 group exhibitions in both private and state galleries.
He has developed his own mixed media technique using natural sources such as minerals, concrete, stone, glass, wood, plaster, crystals, fossils, natural minerals and so on. His stone sculptures are patent protected.
In the year 2000 he organized in the greek island Rhodes in cooperation with a Dutch artist and the local municipality, an underwater exhibition with underwater sculptures in the beach of Afadou. The project was presented on internet web site.
In the year 2007 he organized a solar sculpture exhibition in the art park in Rhodes in cooperation with the American artist Thea Lanzisero.
In the summer of 2015 he will install underwater sculptures made of stone in Agia Napa in Cyprus.
Today he is living in Rhodes island of Greece, since 2006 he created a nonprofit art park, ( where artists from all over the world comes to work and exhibit art works.

1992: Gallery Medborghuset (Denmark)
1993: Gallery Provance (Denmark)
1994: Gallery Thingbek (Denmark)
1995: Gallery Huset (Denmark)
1996: Gallery of Scandinavian institute of Athens (Greece)
1997: Gallery Varket (Denmark)
1998: Gallery Kloster torvet (Denmark)
1999: Gallery Kransna Polski (Denmark)
2000: Gallery Wolfsen (Denmark)
2000: Underwater art project (Greece-Rhodes)
2002: Gallery Sisitio (Greece)
2006: Art Park (Greece-Rhodes)
2007: Solar sculptures project art park
2008: Art gallery French institute in Rhodes (Greece)
2006: Participate in art projects and exhibitions in the art park.
2014: Outdoor stone sculptures in Aqua Grand hotel in Rhodes.
2015: Underwater sculptures in Agia Napa in Cyprus

2010: Viridian Artists International New York
2015: Rome biennale
2016: Oxford art fair

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