Sindl Herbert

Sindl Herbert

Biography of Herbert Sindl

Born 1958 in Vienna, Austria, Lives and works in Loweraustria, website (only german language)

Technical education
1977 Engineer in Building Constructions, Technical College in Moedling, Loweraustria

Artist education
2017 Work with silver artclay, Sabine Schimani, Oberwaltersdorf, Loweraustria
2012 – 2016 Work with fireclay, Walpurga Freudhofmaier, Oberkreuzstetten, Loweraustria
2004 Summeracademie, Ann Limnos-Margetich, Moedling, Loweraustria
2002 Summeracademie, Ann Limnos-Margetich, Moedling, Loweraustria
2002 life model-painting, Prof. Colnago, Perchtoldsdorf, Loweraustria
2001 Summeracademie, Ann Limnos-Margetich, Moedling, Loweraustria
1999-2015 Education in reading different forms of energy – see it in my pictures too
1999 Summeracademie, Ann Limnos-Margetich, Moedling, Loweraustria
1997 – 2008 Watercolor-painting, Ann Limnos-Margetich, Moedling, Loweraustria
1996 – 1997 Colorcomposition, Prof. Colnago, Perchtoldsdorf, Loweraustria

aquarellcolors, coal-aquarellcolors, coal, pencil, wood &gold-leaf, fireclay, silver & jewels, wood & silver

2017 Art Expo Summer Rome 2017
2017 art and wine - Weingut Fam. Taubenschuss, Poysdorf, Loweraustria
2016 artmile, Wolfpassing, Loweraustria
2013 opening of galery
2012 art and farmhouse Burgi Freudhofmaier, Oberkreuzstetten, Loweraustria
2011 Building Company Moedling, Moelding, Loweraustria
2008 ParioDesign Company Sibylle Palzer, Baden, Loweraustria
2005 Galery Haier, Hainburg, Loweraustria
2005 Galery Rubel – Salzer-Lang, Moedling, Loweraustria
2003 Eßlinger-Building, Moedling, Loweraustria
2003 Galery Goldammer, Maria Anzbach, Loweraustria
2002 Unicredit Bank-Austria, Maria Enzersdorf , Loweraustria

Journeys to inspire me
2017 Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia and Styria, Austria
2016 Algarve, Portugal
2015 Tokyo, Japan
2014 Switzerland and Germany
2012 Budapest, Hungary
2006-2013 Austria and Italy
2005 Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
2000 – 2004 Austria, Sweden and Germany

Companys founded
2016 Betriebsenergetik - companyenergetics
2013 studio and galery „Kunst.Raum.Streifing“ (
2002 Lebens(t)raum Consulting (live your dreams-consulting)

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