Moore Joy

Moore Joy

Biography of Joy Moore

Born in Bristol, England in 1951 Joy studied art in Bristol and Birmingham graduating from Birmingham Art College in 1978, where she won the Dame Elizabeth Ryland scholarship.
After graduating she lived in London for 25 years where where she was a manager of high profile environmental projects and became an established artist exhibiting in galleries and international art fairs in Europe . In 2006 she moved to Piemonte, Italy where she works full time as a painter from her studio in the beautiful Colline del Po. Since moving to Italy she has exhibited in major cities throughout  Europe and in the United States

My work is about my response to the colour, space and light in the landscape. My aim is to paint the power and existence of the landscape, not the view of it.  I am inspired by the dominance of nature over man, but also the marks the man makes in the landscape. Living in Italy, the ubiquitous presence of medieval architecture has influenced my work and created a new interest in man made structures. I am equally interested in the detail of nature and am excited by plant life, from the extraordinary wild flowers of a Piemonte Spring to the tangle of dead undergrowth of autumn and winter.
I work in my studio from sketches and photographs made in the landscape.  I usually work up larger drawings from my sketches, then start my paintings with a series of acrylic washes  moving onto oils at some stage.  I like to explore the quality of the paint,  often scraping paint off of the canvas revealing subtle textures and colours beneath and contrasting these with opaque textured paint. Although I use my drawings as a basis for my paintings I find that the painting takes usually takes on its own direction and can move away entirely from the original drawings. For me this is all  a part of the process of painting and discovering the real subject matter.
My work is moving towards greater abstraction as I explore the use of symbolic rather than figurative mark making and different ways of applying paint to canvas, but it is always representational of nature.

My work is represented by
My Art Gallery, Torino (Agente)
Evvivanoè Gallery, Torino
Marziart internazionale Gallery, Amburgo
Galeria Gaudi, Madrid.

Principle exhibitions from  2008
2016  Galleria MITT, Turin. Galleria Rossocinabro, Rome. Affordable Art Fair, Milan represented by  Galeria Gaudi, Madrid. Guffo Bianco Ristorante, Turin.
2015 Ada Art Gallery, Barcelona, Galleria Evvivanoè, Cherasco, Italy. Palazzo Jacopo, Verazze, Italy. Next Galleria, Piacenza Italy, Marziart Internazionale Art Gallery. Hamburg
2014 L'Enoteca, Cherasco, Italy. UCI Cinemas Turin. Sigtuna Kulturgaard, Sweden. Chiesa di Santa Maria, Gubbio, Perugia.
2013: Parallex Art Fair, London Gufo Bianco Ristorante, Turin. Latino Art Museum, Los Angeles. Esposizione d'Arte Internazionale di Vico del Gargano, Puglia. Galleria Marchesi, Bologna. Torino Art Gallery, Turin
2012: Broadway Gallery New York. Galleria Marchesi, Bologna. Esposizione d'Arte Internazionale di Vico del Gargano, Puglia,
2011: Galleria Marchesi, Bologna. Torino Art Gallery, Turin
2010: Atahotel, Varese, Milan, Galleria Piemonte Artistico Culturale, Turin.
Comune di Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany. SMART Art Fair, Aix en Provence.
Evvivanoè Gallery, Cherasco, italy.
2009: Confraternita degli Artisti Galleria, Turin. Castello Garlenda, Savona.
Galleria Artanda, Acqui Terme
2008: Casa Natale di Cesare Pavese, Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy.


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