Merino Mirella

Merino Mirella

Biography of Mirella Merino

I have always been passionate poetic verses, fairy tales, stories and fables I started to play in 2014 to express my artistic side in various forms.
My artworks regarding the pictures and videos are present on :
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September 2015-1 th place for the Art section on the 1st Competition in Avellino Poetic Verses - with amateur and photo art titled the Angel Hermes and Iris Fairy;
September 2015 - in ebook format and hard copy output on online distribution channels, the first tale fantasy called The Angel Hermes and Iris Fairy with pictures of the first cover of the above;
November 2015 - photographic and poetic cataloging for the Movement of the Italian Liberty Villa D'Ayala Valva (SA) with implementation of even a short video for the theme of Beauty;
January 2016 - Finalist for the photography section at the Premio Michelangelo Buonarroti in Seravezza (LU) with amateur and photo art titled the Angel Hermes and Iris Fairy and certificate of merit;
February 2016 - Certificate of Merit for the art section - Competition The Song of the Muses in Bellizzi (SA) with a self-taught under the Energy Of Love (previously always chosen to work together with the other finalist entitled Of Lines Games, for the International Exhibition of Contemporary Visual Art - the Art Colors in 2015 - in Salerno);
August 2016 - Finalist for the section - Photography and environment ... Landscape Lost - with photos La Cascata Di Senerchia (AV) and Environment Oasi Di Conza Della Campania (AV) in Bisaccia (AV);
August 2016 - Participation in artistic and poetic - Corners Letterari- for the Festival Of The Book in Sant'Andrea Di Conza (AV) with the picture The Look Of Isis and others;
September 2016 - the artistic work Exposure Angel Hermes and Iris Fairy - for the Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Art Escape section FotoGrafia- 2016 at the Palazzo Zenobio in Venice;
September 2016 - Special Prize for the work of Fire Snake for art section at the International Competition in Avellino Verses;
September 2016 - Poppies and Environment Oasis - Click photos and poems to the contest participants Drinks San Pellegrino - Wonder Mediterranean;
October 2016 - Diploma of Finalist with the painting as an autodidact the Energy Of Love for the art section for the 4th edition of Poetry Award, Fiction and Texts "The Power of Feelings" in Rome;
November 2016 - Deep Thoughts abstract works on display for the international art festival in Rome - Rome ArtExpo Autumn;
November 2016 - Certificate of participation and work selected Soul In Color for The Artbox Projects in Miami;
February 2017 - Lines of Games, Dreams and Women's Thoughts for the participation in the Contemporary Art Painting Contest in honor of Paul Gauguin;
June 2017 - Woman in Flowers for the ArtBox Project exhibition in Basel;
June 2017 - The Essence of Art for the White ArtContest;
July 2017 - Portrait of a Bride for Circle Magazine Contest;
August 2017 - Color Games in Heaven - amateur photograph as the cover image of the book I Rainbow Warriors.

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