Jani Jan J.

Jani Jan J.

Biography of Jan Jani J.

Jani Jan J. is a skillful sculptor and painter.
The Master finds the courage to live in first person his experinces stowed in the collective unconscious and to resurrect them.
Jani comes thus, to eleborate his own visual and spiritual language, that leads the viewer to become a skilled investigator of the living.
New realities. Realities that cannot be confined to essence is represented by the large communicability.
Dott. Salvatore Russo

Jani Jan J. investigates the meanders of the human mind and projects the secrets. His visual representation are the extreme synthesis of the genius of his thought.
A thought that takes charge of the illness and the moods of our society. An extremly complex thought which is manifestedby a great signic sythesis. His is a conceptual art.
That art that ataggers the mind and synthesizes into sign. Jani Jan J. is rightly, one of the greatest intepreters of visual conceptualism.
The most major stages of the art world are hosting his works. Works that attract the bystander and lead him in those secret passages in which the intellect dialogs with his creative genius.
Sculptures whose rhythm is given by the genius of the artist. Sculptures by dancing lines, those here revived by the master. Sculptures that do not belong to any known geometry.
Sculptures that float in space.
Dott. Salvatore Russo

In  his work  Jani  Jan J.  breaks the convention and oversteps boundaries  again and  again: whether  it  be exceeding the  limit  of the  picture-frame (as  in  "a long time ago") or overcoming the  surface  by  integrating  into  the  picture (three-  or moredimensional) techniques - (as  in "a long time ago").
Some  of these  techniques  have  been  developed  by  the artist  himself.
It  is  the  joy  of experimenting  with colour  and structures  which makes pictures  (objects/works)  like  "Endless" possible.
with  his  language  of form  and colour Jani endeavours to integrate  contrasting  elements, go to  the  limits  and  over them.  
This means the  further  development techniques  and  forms of expression  with innovative  results.
Art-Critic Award, - Palermo 2015

La tecnica di Jani Jan J. é di grande effetto visivo. L´artista riesce a incantare il fruitore con le sue forme e le sue cronie ben scalate che fanno parte di una tavolozza dai toni caldi e sinceri.
Dino Marasá, - Paris-Louvre 2015

Per la sua grande capacita´comunicativa, risultato di unáttenta ricerca tecnica ed espressiva.
La sua partecipazione all' evento romano é dettata della grande stima e dall´ attenzione rivolte al suo operato e alla sua eccelsa creativitá.
Prof. Paolo Levi, - Rome 2015

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