Bullo Tarquinio

Bullo Tarquinio

Biography of Tarquinio Bullo

Tarquinio Bullo was born in Chioggia and resides in Spinea, two cities in the province of Venice.
Painter and printmaker since the fifties, is expressed in the original ambit and his works can be defined creations of "figurative abstraction." His basic training took place in the cultural group "Carlo Dalla Zorza", then to attend various courses at the International School of Graphics in Venice, the last in 1991 of the Experimental Graphics with Riccardo Licata. This allowed him to deal effectively with a technique always changing, passionately, realizing itself in the fullness of time and realizing valuable recordings that are the pride of the artist and even now after many years recognized in their value.
Bully has had the opportunity to work in other regions of Italy, Europe, the US and Brazil winning awards, prizes and acclaim with numerous personal, collective, competitions. Many critics who have written about him in newspapers, art magazines and catalogs.
His art is fascinating both for the multifaceted expression with which he interprets the issues, sometimes inserting nell'alveo of historical avant-garde movements, both for new techniques, cultivated with passion and taste for experimentation.
The artistic career of Tarquinio Bullo is always supported by an innovative spirit to face constant experimentation and invention, designed to penetrate dream and reality until reaching chromatic vibration that makes his work recognized with immediate effect of attraction. With the 2011-12 Tarquinio Bullo is at the peak of his career with a series of successes and confirmations, first with the largest traveling exhibition of "Master of Color", organized by the Academy of Castor with stops in Taranto, Amsterdam, Dublin , Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Rome.
Invited to exhibit at the Biennale in Florence and then selected by the Scientific Committee of the University La Sapienza in Rome for the Triennale di Roma 2011. In addition, two of his works were included in the volume routes Contemporary Art curated by Daniele Radini Germans. In 2012 he was admitted to the Wolf Prize in 2012 where the work with The Juggler with the ball got the 3rd Prize La Lupa 2012 and a review in a prominent magazine, The New Voice of Roma, chosen by the luminaries of Rome La Sapienza for the inclusion of some of his works, and review in the Golden Book of Contemporary Masters, and finally invited to exhibit the same works in the prestigious exhibition at the Gallery La Giustiniana Rome: The Big Of Contemporary Art. Also in 2012 he exhibited at the invitation twice at the Gallery of the Art Movement of the XXI Century of Savona, at first in two-person with the master Turin Attilio Lauricella and shortly after in a rich personal.
He finished 2012 with the participation in the Big Expo alla Sapienza at the Museum of Rome Rector.
In 2013 he participated in a traveling group, the Masters of Color, which has set up a series of exhibitions in Taranto, Bruxellex, Krakow, in the city of Auschwitz, and ended in Rome.
In 2014 with Artprotagonist he exhibited in Hamburg.
At the Municipality of Marghera staff "Retrospective"
Admitted to the Collective "The Magic of VE." Workshop Zattere in Venice

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