Brana Alejandra

Brana Alejandra

Biography of Alejandra Brana

I was born in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Painting and drawing has always been a passion for me, although my graduate degree, due to family pressures, had nothing to do with art. Painting has always been the way to express my feelings and the expression of the sum of life multiple experiences.
During my youth I studied Systems Analysis and Design in the US as my parents suggested. When I came back to Argentina and while working I attended different art workshops and continued to paint through my lifetime.
When I had to travel abroad, in the seventies, I took my first art lessons at El Salvador with Velazquez, a "naïf" painter. Later, back in Argentina, I assisted to different workshops and finally attended Art School at the Regina Paccis Institute, I never graduated due to a great car accident. After rehab, I dedicated myself, fulltime to art and photography.

Some of the most important exhibitions
2015 Biennale at the Castles Della Gera D'adda, Bergamo, Italy. Davos Congress, Switzerland. Gallería Eclettica, Sopleto, Italy. Ardi, Estilo Pilar, Hilton Puerto Madero, and BADA in Argentina

2014 Mira , Centro Cultural Recoleta. Eggo , Centro Cultural Recoleta. Gallery Nights Palermo and Gallery Nights Recoleta in Argentina

2013 Arte Expo - New York. Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York International Biennale Argentina, Centro Cultural Borges; BADA direct from the Artist Art Fair; Estilo Pilar; Expo Real Estate, at the Hilton in Puerto Madero. Eggo, Rosario; Centro Cultural San Isidro; Arte a cielo Abierto, San Isidro;Open Arts, at Norcenter. Art Sale at Centro Cultural Borges

2012 Gallery Nights; Bullary; Club Europeo; Centro Cultural Allianze; Expoartistas at Centro Cultural Borges; Art Auction at the Jockey Club; Auction organized by Nivea at the Centro de Investigaciones De Ciencias Economicas.

2011 Club de Veleros Barlovento; Museo Metropolitano; Museo Raggio; Centro Cultural Allianz;Centro Cultural de Tigre; Centro Cultural El Árbol; Fundación Escuela Goleta; Paraje de Almas; Taller de Rebeca Mendoza

Artist Statement
Painting is for me like meeting my inner self. My love for life is what brings out my creativity.
When I paint I feel the need to express my passion to enjoy every minute of life , this moment that is only here and now, I can't let go without the feeling that life is a gift for our souls.
After having been through extreme situations in my life, which put me very near to death, I choose life, I look at the world around me and I choose its state of glory, peace and calm to give them life in my paintings.
Every person may choose how he wants to live and what to prioritize. The way I choose to live is what I express in my paintings. I like to get negative feelings live along with positive ones, that storms can enjoy the calm that comes after them, that fear can live with peace, that the sun is always there!! .
I want to transmit a message of hope and love for life.
My use of color brings up positive and comforting feelings. I like to use bright colors because they show energy and joy, low hues to help express calm. I can make colors complement or compete between themselves to express different moods, but always trying to be edifying or comforting.
I know that the spectator is the one who finally puts meaning to my art work. I want that once he has seen my art work, he would want to come back to it.

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