Andreatta Cesare

Andreatta Cesare

Biography of Cesare Andreatta

Cesare Andreatta was born in Trento and lives and works in Trento.
Self-taught painter is present in 30 Art catalogs and Artt books and during his long artistic career he has received numerous awards and recognitions.
He is hHonorary Citizen of the city of Venice, and Honorary Citizen of the city of Trieste, he is Knight is Cavaliere dell' Arte , Academic Associate, Master of Culture, Knight Pace, Maestro d 'Arte dell' Accademia Santa Sara ..... etc..etc ...
He has participated in group exhibitions in New York, Tokyo, Milan, Verona, Jesolo, Padua, Venice, Lamezia Terme, Philadelphia etc. and he has parteciped in many solo exhibitions.
They write of him Art critics : Enzo Fabiani, Beatrice Olivieri, Paolo Volpi, Giovanna Nicoletti, Antonio Caggiano, Marcello Ciabatti, Dr. Giorgio Falossi and the Academic Carla d' Aquino Mineo.
Many of his Artworks are exhibited permanently in public places and cultural venues.
His main subjects are : landscapes, still lifes, sacred, animals and portraits.
A monograph was printed by the publishing house "Il Quadrato" of Milan and and other by Photo Si.
Entered in the Historical Archive of "Il Quadrato" since 1999.
In 2015 it was included in Historical Archives of Contemporary Artists Trentini of the Galleria Civica of Trento. ADAC.
In the 02.03.2016 was included in Art Archive of Maison d' Art of Padua.
Some Artworks of the Artist are visible on the internet in Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Maison d 'Art.

Critical review of Enzo Fabiani
A meticulous love of detail and a technique that, even when the color is acrylic, par recall the miniature and even ceramics.
Resulting scenes and pretty accurate figures, for vivid enchanted fantasy.

Critical review of Beatrice Olivieri
Self-taught painter draws and paints almost from its infancy.
Uses various techniques, from pencil to charcoal, ink, chalk, pastels, watercolors, acrylic, oil. He painted on canvas, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and its subjects favorites are landscapes, still lifes, portraits, sacred and animals.
Some of his works are on permanent display in public and cultural sites.
The fantastic world and almost dreamlike Caesar Andreatta, welcomes issues absolutely free and original characteristics that bear witness to the genius of artist.
His paintings are as colorful travels in an imaginary where man and nature co-exist peacefully and negativity of a chaotic society and destructive It is left outside.
An innate ability to make use of violent contrasts of shadows and light and l 'use of an intense palette of warm colors lit, combine to recreate on the canvas a 'disturbing sensuality atmosphere.
His primitive and refined women at a time, are portrayed quietly expanses in a scenario that is halfway between the wild nature, represented by a thick foliage and the 'most aristocratic environment, suggested by heavy embroidered curtains, the softness of silks and jewels scattered all 'round.
M gave the strangest and at the same time disturbing is the presence, seen as Nature, wild beasts, too 'they crouched on soft fabrics.
Thus a representation that escapes to the natural logic diagrams.
A representation where fantasy and reality alternate without that experience the transition from 'a to' other and coexist on the canvas to create a world mythical timeless.
The artist wanted to imagine a deeply subjective personal universe and materialize on the canvas a wonderful dream. Perhaps it is the representation of a ultimate and unattainable Eden, an 'oasis of peace and serenity for the' modern man.
Enchanted place where only you can forget for a few moments the 'oppression and drama of everyday life.

Critical review of Paolo Volpi
The painting of Cesare Andreatta witness a vehement and passionate human involvement that is poured completely in means of expression taken as more direct voice to signify the irrepressible need to communicate a state of acute emotional receptivity of external agents that cause sensitivity in the discovery of 'artist reactions to chain aimed at freeing the constraints imposed by the material, with clear identification of pictorial magma and mobile physicality of 'being.
The painting of Cesare Andreatta conducted in parallel in 'inner dell' and I in 'outward appearance of the visible world, explores the boundaries the boundaries of both these entities up to the limit where it can reach the thought and imagination, imagining unprecedented mingling of natural spaces with new searches in a cosmic dimension, seen in a far horizon d' man and perceptible from it.
This vision is also very clear in his absolute will to communicate his reasons and the pictorial values will remain in their total integrity to express the 'amplitude.
Explicit are the iconographic elements that appear in 'work, other more order conceptual living with cases and comparing, reflecting the coexistence of old values and new perspectives that open to consciousness, in which reality He comes to be traced back to its most essential dimension.
Cesare Andreatta is above all an instinctive poet of the imagination, of 'invention, the composition and color, all of the requirements necessary for a true compositional creation. His observation is the result of an alien sensory perception any ideological bias, from any moralizing pragmatism, always aiming to grasp the notations, simpler, but more expressive of life, with obvious pre-eminence to the emotions and the feelings.
This explains the preference for creatures with their inner vitality, movement and potential of 'expression immersed in an essential nature, that the' artist presents us with lines of emotional tense: some of the mysterious world yet simple reflection of his imagination poetic, extremely varied and expressive, and can grasp the 'essential. Each canvas by Cesare Andreatta you shows saturated than that of happiness invention and improvisation that is allowed only to those who have reached a perfect agreement between image and the spring means to express it.

Critical review of Giovanna Nicoletti.
In the nostalgia of the past are lost jobs Cesare Andreatta. Pining for the emergence to memory of ancient myth transfiguring the humanity and it carries it in a Eden, wonderful, frequented by wild beasts and deities who have human form.
Wonder at the sacred figure and all blessing icon. Cesare Andreatta cleverly mixes the sacred and the profane, providing a manifold possibilities of the actual reading while it is maintaining as necessary feelings of joy, grief and loss that accompany the experience of man.

Critical review of Antonio Caggiano.
Cesare Andreatta, Trentino painter, with its numerous works (Landscapes, lagoons, churches, monuments, scenes together or sacred cave, portraits, icons, flowers, bestiary, seascapes, still lifes, castles, naked women etc.) contrasts between myths of the new and the old, a ongoing formal structure of time and space as well of life in a general historical condition, which is determined every operational capability and a constant link with aspects variants and varied of existence.
The choral scenes (the Bosch) the reference to the natural world charming that was Ligabue, the sacred iconography is based the canons of the Catholic liturgy of each discipline and refers us to Biblical concepts; are the "basic elements" of this narrative painting our Andreatta between allegories and symbols that arise not from representative sign but by the meaningful content of the scenes Rock, the sacred and finally from the memory icons outlining faces and FIGS.
Vitalistic descriptions made with careful and wisely colorful decorations, so nature, humanity and starry sky give the painting a remarkable visual vibrancy to the more careful reflection on the details. The tradition of painting (that of "Storia dell 'Arte") here is consequent development accents a pompous everyday life in different capacities but with the classical sense of what it means to be fit with graphic scenes of a past Remote and an active present framing the time, enter in the field of anecdotal and feelings, and they find a effective atelier jargon motivations and meaning.
The rest is done by the color. These images, therefore, fit into the same revivals of myth find their continuity in a pictorial narrative that It indicates the passage of time.

Critical review of Prof. Marcello Ciabatti
In the works of Cesare Andreatta the intention seems to be formed to operate a pictorial discourse in a "modern" without giving up the traditional components of painting.
Andreatta expresses a special ability to translate in forms of strong beauty his re-creative force from nature.
The classic landscape painting is so widely exceeded by remarkable and innovative effects chromatic suggestion.

Critical review of Prof. Giorgio Falossi
Cesare Andreatta. - They speak of his love works, the one that starts from mythology, unscathed through the centuries to come until today still intact in juxtaposition of two people.
A love always flanked by nature, which makes background, around, over and makes poetry each figure.
And it painted poetry of Cesare Andreatta along with ancient stories of animals fantastic, lions, tigers and leopards, contemplative guardians of myths and legends.
Intensely colorful arabesque atmospheres, mixed funds flanking scenes a large exotic fore, memories of imaginary journeys.
A painting that does not neglect the sacred but finds peace and salvation in emphasis descriptive scenario.
We could think of a naive art, but it is not, for those of his sensual female nudes we could think of a painting Expressionist but it is not, for that mystification of reality that weaves beasts wild with a female pat on the man's face.
And only and not primarily Cesare Andreatta, his man and artist who gives us his impressions, his tremors internally experiences, goer open landscapes, ironic aligner blondes, blackberries and cats, who can and can paint with an endless series of techniques on any media to finish to love quiet "oil on canvas".
A certain message: life is a magic, a dream you have to live up to, but in the end, you can always take refuge in comfortable God Christian environment.
The design, creative and thematic range that emit faith and magic, up to force you to cross the threshold of reality to contemplate a collective imagination made of soft and safe gestures that make the preciousness of the work well including, together with the honesty of his belief and the momentum generosity.
And we cannot but admire the colors of Cesare Andreatta.
Prefers Mediterranean atmosphere of light loads, the bolt of brown, friction radiant red peeking over the blue and the green vegetation ago darting and lush.
Colors capable of supporting in shrill way representation and impulses of his being an artist who puts what right interpreter of the ancient history of a noble and civilized humanity, capable of living in symbiosis with nature.
And this is another certain message. Everything is art, the unique and highly personal art Cesare Andreatta.

Critical review of Cav. Flavio De Gregorio
These paintings are whimsical and visibly coherent in own aesthetic effect of a decent color metamorphosis those created by the painter of Trento Cesare Andreatta, which includes in its description of figurative, some symbolic scenic dictated, from which evolves the transition space-time refers to remote historical periods.
By means of this condition historiography, the painting by Cesare Andreatta, It takes on traits learned in the expressive logic of poetic visions related to fairytale landscapes, rich in symbolic scenes of life and work in a defined Modernism of great value and artistic quality.

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